Combining Multiple Sprites into one big sprite

So I have a multitude of these small image sprites showing off individual blades of grass.

To speed up the process of level design, I want to know if there’s a way through the editor that I can merge all of these individual sprites into one 3D sprite in which all of them contain their image itself, the position in where they’re in, their size… just all of these blades in one sprite.

Is it possible to bring all of these image sprites that are just bunched up together one by one and then make them into one big sprite?

Where its all of these blades of grass, designated position, rotation, scale, but just basically in one large clear cube sprite acting as one single patch of grass.

Is something like this possible at all?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Just create an empty parent game object and move these sprites into it as child objects, in order to create a kind of common object for the subobjects included in it. And to set one sprite for all objects, you need to select them all and change the general property of the image, since this cannot be done through the parent object.