Combining multiple textures to one texture?

Hello! I have a character with different parts (torso, head…) which i modelled, unwrapped and texture individually.

Now what i wanna do is combine all the individual textures (+ the UV maps) into one big texture and combine the individual parts of my character, so I end up with 1 model + 1 texture. I’m wanna use one shader/material for the whole character.

Is there an easy way to combine all these parts into one thing?
I use Maya btw. So I guess I have to do the combining thing in Maya?

Thanks for your help!

you can use 3ds max, it is easy to do that with max.
dont know about unity, maybe there can be a plugin in the asset store, but not sure,

In 3dsmax i would load the uvw from channel 1 to a new channel 2, arrange the uvw’s and bake the (self illuminated)texture to channel 2. then swap the channels and load the new texture.

With maya u should take a look at warp image