Combo score counter issues

Hello everyone. I’m trying to create a simple combo scoring system where it multiplies the current combo by 250 and then adds it to the level overall combo score. This is what I came up with so far

void Update(){
               //GameManager.Points represent the combo counter. each 
               // enemy dead is +1  combo 
               currentcombo = GameManager.Points;
               comboscore = 250*currentcombo;
        public void UpdateComboScore()
               LevelComboScore = currentscore + LevelComboScore ;

I'm not sure why but on the first x1 combo the LevelComboScore stays at 0 and after that, it doesn't add up correctly.

I’m not sure what exactly is causing your problem, but for a simple combo handler you could create something similar to the following:

public int Score { get; private set; }
public int ComboPoints { get; private set; }

public void ApplyScore(int scoreAmount) {
	this.Score += (scoreAmount * this.ComboPoints);

public void IncreaseCombo() {

public void ResetCombo() {
	this.ComboPoints = 1;	

The ApplyScore would be call whenever an object gives the player score. It will then modify that score amount by the current combo points before applying it to the total score. After you apply a score you would then call IncreaseCombo.

Hopefully this helps you figure out your issue.