comma on PC - dot on Mac

I use Unity on PC and on Mac.

On the Mac side all Numbers in the Transform Inspector are displayed as 1.58375

On the PC side all Numbers are displayed as 1,58375

So one of my scripts and the mu script for MAX/MSP and UNITY communication doesnt work correctly.

Can somebody explain and help???


basically you need to use either cultureinfo or numberstyles for doing string to float and back

small example (in js) using the Invariant CultureInfo

import System.Globalization;

var ci = CultureInfo.InvariantCulture;

function Start()
    var startFloat : float = 5.1234;
    var toString = startFloat.ToString(ci);
    var fromString = float.Parse(toString, ci);


This is necessary every time you go from string to float or back, to keep things working on all platforms in different cultures