command-line build: output to stdout instead of log ?

fooling around w/ building our stuff from the osx command-line.
i would love to get Unity’s build output (and my own buildscript logging) into stdout instead of the unity log. it’s much easier to grep it, capture it, etc that way.

the only thing i’ve come up with is something like this in bash: <unity app> <options> & sleep .25 && tail -f <unity log> but it’s pretty inelegant and it moves the unity build into a background thread where it can be unclear if it’s still living or dead, etc.

Think this was answered in another thread. Apparently adding ‘-logfile’ to the build arguments (no argument) will cause all the logging to be written to STDOUT. (link below)

Redirecting Build Output to Console for Automated Builds

I agree. We need to automate our build, but right now it’s difficult to catch when build has completed, since Unity returns immediately and starts build in another process. Such behavior makes any type of automation a pain.