CommandAttribute ( [Command] ) Limitations?

I am trying to use a CommandAttribute to communicate the spawning of a given prefab at a point and rotation. Thus far I have discovered that

  1. Using a prefab game object reference will not work. The server receives null from the client for that parameter.

To solve that I switched my Cmd funtion to take the Resources relative path of the prefab instead.

  1. Passing a Quaternion rotation as a parameter does not work? The server seems to always receive this as 0 0 0 1

I can probably change this to use euler if need be but wondering what other kinds of limitations are there for parameters and the CommandAttribute?

Never mind I figured out what was going on. The server spawned the GameObject but the prefab in question was not setup to replicate the transform with the Network Transform… so i guess the starting position gets replicated by default but it not updated with new rotation info after that.

I will try and implement with with a pair of Command and ClientRpc calls instead.