Committing to Git hub deleted my scripts. How can I recover them?

When trying to setup up version control through github, using Monodevelop, it caused an unhandled exception and deleted all of my scripts. I’ve already tried multiple file recovery programs and have found one or two files, but not that’s not even close to the number of scripts I had. I have the program which can decompile a web-based exe (from what I understand) but I only have a Windows standalone exe. I’ve tried using this Unity 3D obfuscator to decompile it, but I’m not seeming to get proper .NET assembly files. I’ve tried using the ILSpy on those assembly files, but they don’t seem to be .NET assembly files, since they don’t appear on the “Open” window in ILSpy.

I recently had a hard drive die too, and that had my only backup, considering I didn’t have any other drive.

Please, if you know any way to recover these files, I’d be so grateful.

I notice a compiled copy of my scripts get saved to ProjectFolder/Library/Metadata. You should be able to extract most of your code from there.

Lots of garbled nonsense in the files but if you scroll down the code is normally there.