common causes of master client not seeing other clients actions

In my game when the master client rotates an object the other players can see it happen but when the other players rotate the object, the master cant see it… I have a photon transform view on the object rotating… and i dont have “if master client” anywhere. I’ve also instantiated the object in the room at start. What are some common reasons for this?

You have to take a good look into “object ownership”. Each photonview object belongs to one player or the environment.
If not specified different an object will by default belong to the player calling “PhotonNetwork.Instantiate” for the object.

On top of that Synchronization is a one way path regarding this. Information will by default only be transmitted and updated from owner to others.

As a little thought as to why this has to be like this: Imagine you and anotherplayer both rotate the same cube but you both rotate it in different directions.

Which information will be correct? The rotation of you? Or the rotation of the other player?

In the end there can only be one result.