communicate between two bools (C#)

so i have two scripts and I want one of the scripts to use a variable on the other script and change it to true.

I have a dialogue system and i have a quest system. I want to be able to press okay and then change the a variable to true on the quest system.

ex : go kill the bat [ you press okay]

(the quest script sees if it has been accepted )

Please help

The two basic choices you have are:

  • Class variables - only appropriate of only one Quest script ever in your world

     // Quest.js
     static var okay = false;
     // Dialogue.js
     if (...) Quest.okay = true;
  • Reference between script components:

     // Quest.js
     var okay = false;
     // Dialog.js
     var questSystem : Quest;
     if (....) questSystem.ok = true;

    You then need to ensure `questSystem is set, either in the inspector or by looking it up in the Dialogue Awake function.

In the quest script have the variable as “public static bool okay = false;” without the quotes.

Inside of your dialog script put “if(Gui.Button…) questSystem.okay = true;” also without the quotes.

It is this way for both UnityScript and C#, the only difference is in C# one must explicitly state PUBLIC as variables are private by default, whereas in UnityScript they are public by default.