Imagine that I have 2 objects “First” and “Second”, with their own colliders
when i click on the first one, I get the name of the “First”
Now… when i click on the second object, How can I compare them that it’s not the First one?!

I’m making an avanture game for Android, so some objects are touchable and they have some texts38189-untitled-1.jpg

So, the real problem is, that when I click on the First object and check some texts, and then click on the second Object, the texts doesn’t start from the First one! It’s hard to Explain, but I hope that u get it

this is the code that I use on my Simple Objects:

#pragma strict
@script RequireComponent(BoxCollider2D);
var objectDescription = new List.<objectDescriptClass>(); 
class objectDescriptClass{
var itemDesc : String;}

enum Poss {Up,Middle,Down}
var ObjectPos : Poss;

enum objDistance {Near,Far}
var ObjectDistance : objDistance;

Hey Elisan!

If I’m understanding you correctly, you want to make sure that the next object you click is NOT the same as the previous object.

In which case you only have to do this:

  1. Create a gameObject called “LastTouched” or whatever name suits
  2. When you click an object, check that the “NewTouch” != “LastTouched”, and then your code
  3. Finally, set “LastTouched” to be “NewTouch”


private GameObject LastTouched;

//This is a random function for the example
void TouchedSomething(GameObject NewTouch)
	//Check if you have ever touched an object before, or try and match
	if(LastTouched == null || LastTouched != NewTouch)
		//And your code here
	LastTouched = NewTouch;

That should be all you need!

Hope this helps!