Compare scale of two objects

Hi Again!

I’m trying to compare the scale of two objects with an if statement, I’m using lossyScale but unity throws the following error:

cannot be applied to operands of type UnityEngine.Vector3' and UnityEngine.Vector3’

Is there any other way to see if one object is bigger than the other??

Here is my code:

	cube.transform.localScale+= new Vector3(-1,0,-1);

Thanks a bunch!!

If you want to do something like this try doing the following:

    cube.transform.localScale+= new Vector3(-1,0,-1);

This will compare the magnitude of the scales of the items.

So I want a cube to be bigger when it collides with some objects, that works fine, for that I’m using

		cube.transform.localScale.x+=new Vector3(1,0,1);

but the I want to compare the size of that cube with other cubes in the world so that if the cube is bigger then it can attack the other cubes, if not the other cubes can attack the cube, does that make sense?

I also tried this