Comparing rigidbody speeds

Hi, I’m trying to see if a rigidbody is under a certain speed.

I want to apply this code:

other.rigidbody.velocity = other.rigidbody.velocity.normalized * BounceForce;

if the rigidbody isn’t already going faster than that. However, I have no clue how read the current speed, aside from the velocity. Unless I can compare theoretical velocity with the current one, that would do too I guess. Is there a way to see how fast the rigidbody is going and how fast it will be when the BounceForce is applied?

I think what you are looking for is ‘other.rigidbody.velocity.magnitude’. Something like this:

var newVelocity = other.rigidbody.velocity.normalized * BounceForce;

if (newVelocity.magnitude > other.rigidbody.velocity.magnitude)
  other.rigidbody.velocity = newVelocity;