Comparing Two Arrays

  var score1 = 600;
  var score2 = 200;
  var score3 = 100;
  var score4 = 1000;
  var score5 = 50;

  var playerscore = [score1,score2,score3,score4,score5];
  var playername  = ["player1","player2","player3","player4","player5"];

   function OnGUI()



Here i am trying to sort the score from highest to lowest.that is working fine.

here problem is when i sort the score and player name.the player is displaying wrong score.

let my player name and score be


after sorting it changes to


so i want after sorting the score also player name should display the correct score. when i sort the score from highest to lowest the name should rearrange as the players score.

so how can i compare the player name and score after sorting the that the correct player occupies the correct score.player name should arrange according to the player score.

and i want to display the content in a gui.i tried many form but not able to solve this problem.

thanks in advance

It sounds like you need to use Javascript's arrays if you want to do any sort of robust sorting (see here).

I found a nice reference explaining how you can sort with multiple values here. Hope this helps.