Comparing two equal vectors does not produce true


So I have an issue with this particular function

    GameObject GetFutureCube(GameObject[] Cube, Vector3 futurePosition, GameObject NULL) {
        GameObject obj = NULL;
        foreach (GameObject element in Cube) {
            Debug.Log( + " " + element.transform.position + " " + futurePosition);
            if (element.transform.position == futurePosition) {
                obj = element;
        return obj;

So what it does is just take variale futurePosition and compare it to the positions of objects Cube in the scene.

And it does not work all the time, thats why I put

Debug.Log( + " " + element.transform.position + " " + futurePosition);

to debug to see whats going on there. And on one of the iterations it prints out:

Cube (7) (1.0, -1.0, 0.0) (1.0, -1.0, 0.0)

Which means that the function should return Cube(7), but instead it returns NULL

Comparing floats is already a bit of a gamble due to floating point inaccuracy. A vector3 contains three of them so you’d make the odds even worse.

You should use the magnitude:

Vector3 vec = element.transform.position - futurePosition;
float mag = vec.magnitude;
if(mag < 0.1f){ // Close enough }

Which is the same as:

Vector3 pos =element.transform.position;
float xDiff =  Mathf.Abs(pos.x, futurePos.x);
float yDiff =  Mathf.Abs(pos.y, futurePos.y);
float zDiff =  Mathf.Abs(pos.z, futurePos.z);

if(xDiff < 0.1f && yDiff < 0.1f && zDiff < 0.1f){ // Close enough }

if the game is 2D, you know that z is irrelevant and you can skip it. You can also use Mathf.Approximately

Actually I managed to fix it some other way. But It might have been the floating point inaccuracy issue anyway.

The issue was in

Vector3 futurePosition

which was derived from a class that looked for an objects Player position, moved by coroutine. Once I rounded the Player position inside coroutine

float x = Mathf.Round(Player.transform.position.x);
float y = Mathf.Round(Player.transform.position.y);
float z = Mathf.Round(Player.transform.position.z);
Player.transform.position = new Vector3(x, y, z);

everything started working fine.

Try this