Comparing UI Button position and finger postion?

Hi! I have a game where I tell users that they can tap anywhere to start the game. However, I also buttons on the Panel and although I tap on the buttons, the game starts regardless. My best idea to get around this was to do the following:

  1. Load all the buttons in the scene into an array
  2. Go through the array and load each Button’s position into a Vector2 List
  3. If the screen is tapped and position of the finger is not in the List, start the game. I use Input.GetTouch(0).position to get the user’s position.

Issue I’ve realized is that the position of the user’s finger and position of the buttons greatly differ. Even though my Button is at (40,-220), the finger position is at (190,75). Is there any way I can get around this issue? Or does anyone have better solution to overall issue of telling the difference between a “tap anywhere to start” and “tap on button”? All comments are greatly appreciated!

You shouldn’t search for a way to get around this problem but rather fix it.

Make sure your buttons have highter priority than the panel and you’ll be fine.