Comparing variable from another script, help?

Ok, so basically, I am checking the score of the player, and seeing if it is greater or equal to the price. The score number is obtained from another script. Here are the important snipets. The problem is the price is being compared but even though the score is 0, and the price is 100, the rest of the code is still carried out(player still gets weapon).
The name of the other script is ScoreManager, hopefully I obtained it’s variable currentScore correctly(it is set as static var)?

var price : int = 100;

if((!equipped && Input.GetKeyDown ("e"))||ScoreManager.currentScore >= price){
				Debug.Log("price compared");

Personally I like keeping things encapsulated within it’s own script and for what ever reason if I need to get info from another script I like to make a separate function.

So. Let’s say this score manager has private var score. Create a function, getScore() and return the score. It is more typing, yes, but honestly is a better approach for organization so variables aren’t directly accessed outside different scripts.

I am not sure what type of gameplay you are trying to get, but make that if statement have an && instead of ||. ALSO, in close score and price with parenthesis. I.e. (ScoreManager.currentScore >= price)

Should be

if((!equipped && Input.GetKeyDown ("e")) || (ScoreManager.currentScore >= price)){