Compass returns all zeros

I have no idea why but my compass does not work no matter what I try. Here is my exact code in boo with almost all of the compass methods being printed to the console.

import UnityEngine

class Compass (MonoBehaviour): 
    def Start ():
        Input.compass.enabled = true
    def Update ():
        rawHeading = Input.compass.rawVector
        trueHeading = Input.compass.trueHeading
        magneticHeading = Input.compass.magneticHeading
        headingAccuracy = Input.compass.headingAccuracy


When I run this I get this printed to the console exactly

[(0.0, 0.0, 0.0), 0, 0, 0]
Compass:Update() (at Assets/

I’ve enabled the compass and started location in the start method, to my understanding, it should work.

My phone is the Droid MAXX, Android version 4.4.4. The compass works on the phone, I’ve tested through multiple compass apps. There is probably something simple I am missing but I just can’t seem to catch it.

First off, I commend you on your use of boo, not many people utilize the language within Unity. Next thing is, are you testing this using a build or using the Unity Remote? Unfortunately, when developing mobile applications (at least on android), rotation and whatnot has been dodgy for me. Usually I will just make a build and run logcat to get the debug that I need.

I am having this same problem. I have added ten votes to the issue. If anyone else is having this issue please vote this issue to the top of the list by going to the link that simes89 gave and voting. @byuroccks23 @Joe_User @KMKxJOEY1 @simes89

Same problem here (but only in Unity Remote, at the device it works). I was able to start the LocationService and get GPS readings, but the Compass still return all zeroes (and -1 as the Timestamp).

PS: For anyone not able to even get GPS to work, first enable Location access for the Unity Remote App on the phone itself, on Android configs. It does not automatically ask for permisson in any way.