compatibility with browsers that do not support unity 3d

I have a website that I put 3D content made unity 3d, but not all browsers support it. The problem is that browsers that do not support it also still see the other page content is also interesting.

Could make when a browser does not support WebGL and the disabled could continue surfing the web?

The site in question is, where there is a pendulum in 3D. You can try a browser that does not work and you can not enter.

Does this solution?

Not quite sure what you are asking, but you can relatively easy detect the user’s browser on your page and change the delivered content based on that.

Does anyone have sample code for that? I would like to detect if we should show the game in its webGL or in its unity-player version.

I have been searching the web a while for a foundation, so that I won’t have to start from scratch myself, but couldn’t find anything. So any code that people are using would be helpful.

Looks like you are talking about same topic as here.

Basically you want to detect WebGL support by using function from UnityConfig.js, and browser type and version by using for example bowser. More information is in the linked question.