Compatibility with other software

I know Unity is compatible with 3DS Max and Maya. But is it also by any chance directly compatible with: Hexagon, Carrara, DAZ Studio, and/or Bryce?

To answer this question we need to ask what it means to be “compatible” with other software. Unity is at the top of the food chain. By this I mean that there are no outputs of Unity that are intended to be used by other applications. However, other applications such as 3D modeling packages, can be used in conjunction with Unity. Models, animations and textures can be created in these and then brought into Unity.

For a list of specific applications that have output that can be used in Unity, see the following product documentation page:

In addition, there is a Unity forum that is dedicated to the subject of using Unity in conjunction with other products … see:

I meant in terms of importing your models and such from other programs into Unity. I was just curious if Bryce, Carrara, Hexagon, and/or DAZ Studio. Thanks for the links, will check them out.