Is unity networking completely cross platform? I have been having really odd behavior on pc's. This is not dependent on whos host/client.


I haven't noticed any issues so far... I thought I had an issue related to that once, but then realized it had nothing to do with networking (and that issue was fixed in 2.0.2) ;-)

The only issues that I'm aware of are with PPC. If I recall correctly, you can't send bools and chars through bitstreams, the externalIP appears reversed.... I can't recall of anything else, but all that I found was reported to UT.


Ah, that might be the problem. I have been hosting it off a PPC computer and I do send a bool through a bitstream, I suppose I could just make it a int. I really hope thats whats going on, is this a technical limitation or bug?

Thanks, Bill

It is a bug that only affected PPC platforms, and I was informed that the next release would correct it.