Compilation errors after import

According to the guide, version 1.1.0-pre.1 is the one that should be used, there is no mention of another version being available. However, importing this version results in issues when using Analytics 4.2.0, which I am using. Is Push Notifications made with the version it mentions in the manifest (3.0.0-pre.2) and if yes, are there plans to release an updated version that is compatible with the official release of Analytics and not any of the preview ones?

Ok, so after playing with the tags and updating to pre.2 I got a button in the package manager to update to 2.0.0-pre.2, which works without issues. The documentation for that can be found here:

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@SebT_Unity Can you initiate an update of the docs with the responsible team? The version in the Get Started Guide is completely out of date and users may complain about that.

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Hi MiTschMR,

Yes thanks to your feedback I have informed the proper teams. We are working on improving the documents so our users don’t run into the issue you ran into.

Thanks again for reporting this.

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