Compile a game for iOS, Mac, PC - how much adjustment?

Hi, when I create a game with unity, how much adjustment is needed to compile it for

  • iOS
  • Mac Native
  • Windows Native


As stated, Win/Mac are the same (unless you are using DLL's, then I'm not sure, does Mac use .DLLs?)

On Mobile, it's what you need to change in your game that matters. For me, the biggies were:

  1. Different navigation paradigm (WASD/Mouse vs touchpad)
  2. Different graphics (less advanced shaders)
  3. Smaller memory footprint (had to reduce many models and textures)
  4. You may find that things in JScript don't compile as well. You may need to add the type to variables, such that

    var i;


var i : int;

5. I'm not sure, but there was a time when 'generics' were a problem on Mobile, at least for JScript, so you may need to re-write some of that and/or use C# more.

None (For mac and windows)... You just change the tab of the build and it'll build it for what you need...

As for iOS, their is a lot you need to look out for, and you can see in the Documents, their is a section for the iOS, as obviously, a iThing doesn't have near as good graphics card and processor as an actual computer.

Hope this helps for what it's worth.