Compile Scripts with Command Line

Hey Guys,
I’m trying to get my head around how I can recompile my scripts using a command line.
Most of the time I’m working in my IDE and I’m only opening Unity to see if the scripts are compiling without errors.
Is it possible to recompile without opening Unity at all or maybe just keeping Unity minimized in the background?
I read the manual about Command line arguments (Unity - Manual: Command line arguments), but couldn’t find anything about compiling - just building.

As you know, Unity compiles scripts once it’s started and focused, if it notices a change in the codebase.

Thus, it is probably enough to call it with -batchmode -quit.

Problem is, you’re booting up Unity every time you do this, adding a ****ton of unnecessary time to your compilation. Giving focus to an already opened Unity editor is probably way faster. Maybe you could do that via command line.