Compiler Error right click fix error solution?

Just like we have spell check right click and fix the spelling error such as with Microsoft Word. Does Unity have something where instead of waiting 1 hour or 7 days or more for a solution to fix my compiler error in the console from the forum I can just right click on my compiler error and just easily fix it? I think if Unity were to create that A lot more unity customers would be happier, satisfied and more profit being made from the Unity asset store, Unity Developers and etc. Should we vote on making this happen? Sorry if this question had been already asked. More different answers are good too.

The trouble is, programming is fantastically more complicated than spelling or basic grammar. It’s more akin to asking Microsoft Word to analyze poetry.

Very much like spell / grammar check algorithms, the compiler CAN tell when you’ve made certain kinds of mistakes, and tell you their nature. It CAN’T suggest exactly how to fix them for the same reason a computer can’t appreciate poetry.

You’ll get familiar with the language and the errors themselves fairly quickly. It’s a rite of passage for everyone. :slight_smile: