Compiler Error: unexpected char

Does anyone see the “unexpected char” error in this script?

var Weapon01 : GameObject;
var Weapon02 : GameObject;

function Update ()

{ if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Q)­) { WeaponSwitch(); }


function WeaponSwitch()

{ if (Weapon01.activeInHierarchy == true ) { Weapon01.SetActive(false); Weapon02.SetActive(true); } else { Weapon01.SetActive(true); Weapon02.SetActive(false); }


A high-bit ascii character made its way into your code. It is on line 6 between the double closing parentheses. You can see it if you past your script into a world processing program, a hex-dump program or even TextEdit on the Mac. The easiest solution is to delete and retype the line (or just delete the ‘))’ and retype them.