compiler problem

Before everybody freaks out and says that i just need to go into the console, let me explain. I am working on a short game. I made one bit of java code. There was something wrong with it and it wouldn’t compile so I decided to delete it and start over since I couldn’t find the problem. Before I had typed the code and deleted it, the game I had done so far had played fine. However after deleting the code on a whim I decided to try and run it again. All the sudden though it said that it couldn’t run until all the compiler problems were fixed. But there isn’t any code to fix!!! There isn’t currently a single line of code in my game, yet it says it has compiler problems that need fixed…
Does anyone know what to do or this just a bug and I have to start over?

You must save when you edit text. And like robertbu said unity doesn’t like empty scripts(better delete script or just type in function update(){} ), and you should post compiler error next time.