Compiling cs-scripts on-the-fly?

I’m new to Unity, so sorry if my question looks silly. :slight_smile: But I wonder if it’s possible to compile scripts on the fly? I know u can load assemblies using WWW class. But then I found project. I imported dlls into unity project, run one of their examples and everything works. Well… not exactly… it works only in editor, but when I build executable – it starts complaining about not being able to find mono.exe. So I wonder if there is a way to make it working. It would be really great to have that power to build c# scripts dynamically and run them.

General answer: no it’s not possible due to various limitations (web has sandbox security; mobiles do not have mono). In theory it should be possible to do on standalone, as long as you package mono with your app. Then you should be able to compile scripts into assemblies and then simply load these assemblies.

But in most cases I find it doesn’t help much, because you can not put MonoBehaviours there, so these assemblies can only be generic code - it can not contain Components which you would attach to your GameObjects.