Compiling for IL2CCP - Net 2.0 Subset makes any difference?

When building for iOS devices using IL2CCP, does it make any difference if I select Net 2.0 Subset for my API compatibility level?

I ask because I read that Net 2.0 Subset does not support System.xml but I think that I am using System.xml (XmlTextReader) and it compiles and runs just fine on my iOS 32 & 64 bit devices.

Am I using System.xml?


Yes, for iOS with IL2CPP, .Net 2.0 Subset does make a difference. That setting uses a different (and smaller) mscorlib.dll file then the .NET 2.0 option.

To investigate whether your project uses a specific type, you can use a tool like ILSpy to inspect the IL assemblies (e.g. Assmebly-CSharp.dll) and see what is actually there.