Compiling HDRP/Lit shader takes 41 minutes, how can I reduce this?


I am making good headway constructing a CI pipeline on Azure but have ran into a pretty major blocker in that compiling the HDRP/Lit shader takes 41 minutes which means we always hit the 1 hour timeout. Do I have any options for improving this time? Is it possible to reduce the number of variants that need compilation?

I’ve already disabled the “optimise meshes” checkbox which I’ve seen solve a lot of other users’ build time problems.

Thanks in advance!

  • TokaDev

For anyone else who comes across this:

I had some success altering the HDRenderPipeline rendering settings.

This page states what each of the settings do and what affects build time so in lieu of an in-depth knowledge of shaders themselves, I’m unchecking all and progressively re-checking them when I encounter errors : Redirect to... title of new-page

This process has reduced the build time for the shader in question from 41 minutes to about 6