compilor errors,all compilor errors have to be fixed

It says i have compilor errors but there is no red text at the bottom of my screen ! how do i see what is wrong then ?,Hi i am new to unity. It says all compilor errors have to be fixed but at the bottom there is no red text ! and i cant see any red in my script ! What do i do ?

If Unity says there are compiler errors, then the compilation did not succeed for sure.

The line at the bottom of the Editor window is just the last line from the Console window. To open the Console go to Window → Console (last item), or just hit ctrl+shift+c. You should see the errors in the window that pops up (compilation errors don’t get cleared even if you hit “Clear” in the Console).

Note that Unity almost never makes a mistake regarding compilation errors, but if you really suspect it is so, try restarting Unity, or closing Unity and deleting the Library/ and Temp/ folders in your project, then starting Unity again (this will force a rebuild). The compilation then should succeed or the errors show up in the console window.