Complete hang, requiring the unity processes to be killed when creating empty script on Ubuntu Linux

I was very happy to learn that Unity is available and supported for Ubuntu (20.04) Linux, and it mostly works flawlessly, but unfortunately maybe 75% of the time I create a new script, the editor freezes/hangs, no errors or anything just stops responding. I am creating C# scripts (and using visual studio to edit them), and after killing the editor and reopening, the script has been created correctly. Several times this has caused me to lose progress in the scene, as although the assets are already saved, any changes in the editor that I haven't saved are lost, and obviously makes it very difficult to get anything done.

Thanks for reading and for any help, please let me know if there is some useful information I can provide to debug.

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I've had long delays when creating scripts on Mac OSX, but it always eventually finishes. How long are you waiting before killing the process?

Interesting, the longest I have waited was about 15 minutes, have you had it take longer than that? My pc is a bit old now but nothing terrible

Nah, maybe 30 seconds or so usually.