*Complete noob* camera seeing through walls

So, I’m a graphic designer/illustrator by trade, but I need to make a virtual gallery for me and some other artists that vistors can walk through. The camera keeps seeing through walls so that other parts of the gallery are seen from the entrance. Think, x-ray vision. I’ve already turned down the clipping to the lowest it will go, what am I doing wrong?

Please write your answers as if you’re talking to an idiot…because you are. So, sorry.

can you be more specific about what’s happening? like is the camera clipping through the walls? or are there some walls that aren’t being rendered? maybe some of your walls are backwards in the mesh- are you using custom models for the walls?

Oh, sorry about that. The walls are not rendering. So the walls that are nearest me will not render, but I can see other parts of my model are being rendered out in the distance. I can even see a part of my ceiling that is beyond a certain point rendering. Yes I am using custom models. Is this a case where I need to flip normals or something?