Complete Packages wont run correctly in Unity

I downloaded Bootcamp and Stealth Complete Package, so I can learn how to implement audio in a game with the audio tools and also with FMOD. I can’t seem to get the game to work. It has errors and wont let me even run the game. Sorry guys I don’t have any background in code yet. I’m just beginning to understand how to do this :-). Any guidance? Here are screen shots of what I’m running into.



It appears that you have Pro Only api calls in the project and I am assuming you are using the free version of Unity. You can probably just delete the folder “Image Effects (Pro Only)”. This will probably cause some warnings and possible reveal other errors. I would suggest clearing out the project and just importing the Stealth Project. The bootcamp one is pretty old and may have some outdated info. Either way having more than one project combined could cause a lot of different issues.