Completely Uninstalling Unity

I keep getting a key not found error in my project that I have no clue of how to fix. I can’t run my game unless I delete the unity library every time before I launch my project.

How do you COMPLETELY uninstall unity. Can someone list where every unity folder is. All the reg keys. I need to get it to where my computer has no trace of it ever being installed. Then reinstall it as if it was never installed before. Thanks

try uninstalling it.
check this out as well:::::

Just go to Control panel, programs and Uninstall a program.

I sadly had to remove Unity today :frowning: My computer ran out of storage and it had so much from my projects it had to go first. I am getting another 4 TB so I will get it back immediately after. One thing I noticed was even after I uninstalled it the normal way, all the other versions that never uninstalled previously for some reason were still on my computer. They were only taking up bytes so I assumed they were just old versions that had their memory wiped. One problem I have is the fact that even after the program is uninstalled, I have over 20000 documents related to Unity. This is a major storage killer and I am not completely sure what to do. The program was safe uninstalled so I don’t know how to handle all these documents :frowning: If anyone has any ideas that would be fantastic! Thanks!

Search your c: for the word unity… eventually a shortcut shows up called Uninstall Unity. Then run it.

Here are the folders you need to check for Unity leftovers:

  • ~/Library/Unity
  • ~Library/Application Support
  • ~Library/Caches
  • ~Library/Logs
  • ~Library/Saved Application State
  • ~Library/

Also, you can check your computer for Unity leftovers with App Cleaner & Uninstaller.
Here is a great detailed guide on how to completely remove Unity.