Complex objects and colliders, best solution

I have a fairly complex mesh that I want to have be used for collision. I need the collisions to be somewhat realistic. For example the object has some angles to it and a small tube sticking out. I want objects to be able to fly past the tube and only collide with it when it actually hits it.

I have attempted a couple things. First I tried a mesh collider. The mesh collider unfortunately creates more of a polygon from the top of the tube to the far bottom top right section of the body. See image below.

alt text

I’m not sure how to handle this. The only options I can think of is create a bunch of primitive objects with colliders and lay them on top of each other but this seems tedious. I only want my other meshes to actually collide with the mesh itself. I thought using convex would do the trick but apparently not.

Create a slower poly object in Max/blender or what ever you are using. to match your object’s shape. Bring it in Unity, turn off mesh render and just use it as a collision object for your higher mesh one. I tried so hard to figure out what that is but cant. is it a hammer?

After playing around for a while with the Mesh. I found if I break the Mesh up into separate parts and then import it I get colliders for each part. So the solution is to break the mesh into parts in Blender (or other 3D application). The parts in my case stay joined but show up in a group in Unity allowing for each object to get it’s own collider.