complier error please help

i made an epic map i am using the free version and am sort of newish to unity. i try to run my game by pressing the play button, but it says, and i quote, "All Complier errors Must Be Fixed beforre you enter game play!"what do i do? i only made a cabana roof, cubes i used a first person controller and some textures. what did i do wrong and how do i fix it!

It means that there's an error in one of the scripts

If you check the console (either go to Window > Console or click the status bar at the bottom of the app), it'll tell you what's wrong, and where the error is. Double clicking the error should open a script editor at the point of error (or close to it, in the case of bracket mismatch type errors)

I think you forgot to add something in the script, so it is giving error, review the script and see if you're not missing the object that will add to the script or any other property ...