Components can finally be rearranged with the mouse, but since when?

A couple of weeks ago I found out by accident that I am finally able to rearrange the components in the Inspector by dragging them with the mouse. This is a feature that has been requested by many for a long time.


When did they implement the ability to drag components with the mouse to rearrange the order?

I am NOT talking about dragging a component from one GameObject to another.

I’m asking because I’m curious, but also to make others aware that this feature has been implemented.


The reason why I’m so surprised to see this feature is because according to the Unity roadmap it shouldn’t be implemented yet.

On Unity’s roadmap page the feature is listed as “Improve Component Dragging Usability” under the Development section.
The subtitle of the section is “In-progress, timelines long or uncertain”.

The feature on the Roadmap page is described as “Drag component headers to reorder, move, copy them around”.

On the feature request page the status is “Started”. A Unity Technologies employee wrote that it’s under development (June 16, 2016).

I upgraded the editor to v5.6.0.f3 several months ago and this is the version I’m using today. I have not manually upgraded the editor since.

I am quite sure that I have no editor scripts installed that would make this possible. I don’t think I have any editor scripts in my project at all.

This happened in 5.6.0. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll see if I can figure out whom I need to notify about updating the roadmap and the feature request page.