Compute geometry of a room, from a photo


In first time, sorry for my bad english.

My question :

Is it possible to rebuild the geometry of a room after have took a photo with an iPad or other ?
The objective of iPad camera, can it launch several ray, for compute the room ?
Does it exist a plugin Unity3D, for get this result ?

Thank you for your future response !

I don’t know of any plugins for that, but go ahead and check the asset store, maybe you’ll find it there.

As for reconstructing a room, I don’t think it’s possible from a single photo, unless you’re willing to make a whole lot of assumptions, which may or may not work in various situations. If you have a video, or a set of photos, on the other hand, and you know or are able to figure out the camera position/movement between frames/photos (you can access the device’s accelerometers form unity, I think), or you are able to track points and recognize shapes in the images, then yeah, it is possible. Not the easiest thing to do, though.
I suggest you research topics such as “camera tracking”, “computer vision”, “structure from motion”.

Good Luck