Compute mesh inertia tensor failed for one of the actor's mesh shapes

So i've been getting this error now. And I searched around in the forums and everyone says thats because an issue between planes and mesh colliders, the thing is that even tho i have planes, I don't have any mesh colliders, only box colliders assigned to the planes (one of the planes also has a rigidbody).

Another thing is that I only get this error when I wrote the jumping code for the rigidbody where I used "rigidbody.velocity". when i erase that, the error is gone.

any help? ( im very new to all this.)

Though I’m no expert on the matter, I believe the box colliders need to have a non zero depth. Make sure that for the size of the box collider none of the values are left at 0, even something like 0.01 would work.