Computer console animation


I am new to unity. I have modeled a computer console with some switches and levers that will cause certain events to happen. I modeled it in maya. My question is, if this is going into unity and I am going to have buttons animated to look like they are going to be pushed in when the user clicks it and switches that will change when the user clicks it, do I have to rig the console in maya or can this all be done with code in Unity?

Things that move independently of each other need to be separate objects. If you use a single mesh with a rig, each bone is a separate object, so that'll definitely work. If you have, say, each button as its own mesh, you won't need bones - you can animate them in Unity (and possibly create just one "buttonDown" animation for all of them to share) through the Animation window (but the performance hit will be slightly more due to multiple meshes).