Computer keeps crashing while building sharedassets0.assets

I’ve recently begun getting a number of strange errors, things like “Unable to parse YAML file” and “Shader compiler error - failed to read correct magic number”. The issues are somewhat intermittent: sometimes I launch Unity and it freezes at a white screen, other times I get a “failed to load window layout” popup.

Usually after a couple restarts, I can get Unity to open properly, but the same problem always arises when I go to build. Even if I try to build a completely blank scene in a completely empty project, my computer freezes and crashes when it comes to building building sharedassets0.assets.

I’ve read that the shader error and a number of the other problems I’m having can be due to network security software. However, even when I completely disconnect from the internet, the problem remains.

I know this sounds like a crazy problem, but I’m completely unable to use Unity because of it. Can anyone tell me what might be causing such a persistent problem?

My computer is an HP Z440 running Windows 7, with an NVIDIA Quadro K4200. Any help would be infinitely appreciated!

Sounds like it’s antivirus software. If disabling the AV software fixes it, then re-enable it and reconfigure it to disable scanning of your unity installation and data folders.

Note: Disconnecting the internet does not actually disable “network security software”, (or any software running on your computer) though this may render them unnecessary/non-functional. That being said, it is certainly a good idea to disconnected from the internet BEFORE disabling security software, to keep safe.