Concept art

Let’s use this thread as a central location to talk about and share concept art. About the town, the cooking utensils and ingredients, and different items. How do you imagine these?

Linking outside images as reference is also fine, just don’t repost them here without credit if you decide to do so. Linking is better.

Also, any drawing skill is fine. Don’t need to create a masterpiece to show others what you have in mind!

Note: This is a visual thread. Please don’t describe things in words, visualise them with images!

Utensil suggestion : This game needs a SPORK!



And if you ever need to open a wine bottle - you can use a Porkscrew.


Funny you mention spork, in the cooking gameplay thread I suggested that the prize for winning the cooking festival is a golden spork!

EDIT: Looks like Call of Duty already beat us to it.

EDIT 2: And this person loves them some sporks, check out these ideas!

EDIT 3: Here’s an actual picture I just made on my tablet with my fingers!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to do some concept art for the town and festival. But what is the location of the island? to decide the type of architecture, and is the Isometric idea still standing?

Check out the card about the island and the town. The original concept art has elevation, which jives with the ideas that have been floating around in the original level design and current whiteboxing threads. Since this is a fictional location, you should be able to choose whatever you want for the architecture. I imagine the structures are made of wood since all we know so far is lots of trees, but since this is supposed to be a picture thread and not a words thread, I’ll stop right there.

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Thank you Shuttle127, I have accounted for all those things.

I guess is a mix between some underdefined isle in the pacific and somewhere in the north sea. There are three exits, each of them can be blocked with a guard or obstacle, a central bonfire for the cooking festival with a stage for big announcements, and plenty of light sources I think.


Wow, @laczkyl , those are some great concepts!!

In my mind I always imagined the houses in stone (this is because of an early concept art we got from the artist we were working with, when he thought the game had an isometric view)

We don't necessarily need to go that way though, and I like your designs too. If anything, I would personally just dial up a bit the "modernity" of it all, but it's a personal preference. I think it would allow us to play more with whatever device/tool/situation we want, without it feeling out of place. Although I mean, it's not like we're depicting any kind of existing historical era or culture anyway.

Ah! sure, good to know. That’s why I wanted to know if there was anything specific before jumping head in. I looked at the Townsfolk native-like outfits and the location and went for the common. I will check how the discussion on the level design develops before adding anything else-

I don’t think it would hurt to set some in-world rules about what is contemporary or antique for the characters though, there could be plenty of anachronisms for fun but I will be nicer if we have some boundaries for the concepts.



You mean this image, right? In the end we scrapped that idea, sorry :confused: We should “hide” it somehow, or clearly marked as “we’re not going to use it”, so it’s not confusing.

Yeah! that image primarily, plus the other townsfolk and Fry king with their necklaces. Added the voyage and exploration of new lands and my mind got a very fixed idea. Sorry, there is no need to hide anything. I will read more thoroughly.

I like the wooden houses with their bend timbers, we might put some of them on stone foundations perhaps and/or have a stone chimney wall with the rest of the house being timberframe or woodplank. Or the ground floor in stone with a timberframe floor above.

I would imagine the town center more densely packed with buildings around the market place where the cooking festival happens. Right around the market place I would imagine some wider, two-storey buildings belonging to the richer townsfolk. They might be sporting oriels and have the upper storey bigger than the ground floor supported by some bend timbers to make the most of the expensive building ground mid-town. Maybe the legendary chief lives in one of them. There might be a townhall to host a possible interior scene. Here are my suggestions for additional houses:

From a corner of the market square cobbled streets with densely packed buildings wind up the montain behind, like this:

I imagine the one storey, more loosely packed buildings with their vegetable gardens - of course a must and possibly one of the townsfolks main sources of ingredients - on the outskirts, especially on the road from the beach to the town center, gradually more dense buildings showing the player the way to the center.


Here is an idea how the chief can make a grand entrance. It’ called a critter bike, moved by the critters running inside the frontwheel - the wildest critters make the fastest bikes. There is just a tiny difficulty with stopping such a bike - that’s what the anchor is for.


give it a goofy bike horn

Definitely! The horn is essential if you have difficulties stopping.

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That looks cool but I fear we might struggle with making such a packed town believable. I feel like the sparse houses that @laczkyl drew in his concept are more achievable for the purpose of this demo. It's more of a village than a town, I know.

The bike idea is so funny. I feel like it looks a bit too much like a modern bike that way tho.

I guess we would have to come up with a bike construction made of wood, ropes and bamboo…e.g. a forked branch for steering. This by the way how the Wikings build their ships - if they needed a bend piece of would they set out into the forest to find a tree grown in the right shape. Maybe we use the shell from the beach for the horn.

But I defintely want the critter bike to remind of a real cool bike in its - stylized - shape, if that would be ok. I want our players to be reminded of something like this (By Brian Snelson - originally posted to Flickr as Peter Fonda riding Captain America, CC BY 2.0, File:PeterFondaCaptainAmerica-side.jpg - Wikimedia Commons):

As far of giving the impression of densely packed town, I think 5 to 7 houses each street side will do before the street bends or the montain becomes too steep. The player doesn’t need to go into this area, so we can also have less perfect houses there. The player comes from the beach side where the houses thin out, here we can do what @laczkyl proposed. I provide a foto of a cobbled street winding up a montain with densely packed hourses, but not actually that many houses being seen (taken by myself in Bad Wimpfen, Germany):

I think the idea of @Smurjo is feasible too, with 3 or 4 buildings that can be repurposed, you can have an old-stone looking town with the same number of “functional” locations, and easy to navigate. Something that looks big, but it’s not really. The only issue I think that needs to be considered with tall buildings and narrow paths is how the camera is going to work.

I will try to make some concept art over the weekend.

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Anyway I think 2 storeys should be the maximum height, in that sense the photo is too much. We might cheat bit with the impression of narrow as well with having the streets narrowing towards the end.

This being an open project there might be some hope we get more than 3 or 4 distinct buildings as well.

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