config dialog banner splash image problem

I imported an png image to the project, than dragged it into “splash image” at player settings. when I buld&run the game, the banner isn’t appearing… why?

This question is doubled. I posted same answer in both questions as I’m not sure which one dissapear.

I checked your image and yes. It does get stretched. I got basic Unity (not PRO) and I have the same problem. I solve by:

One. finding original file in NameOfYourGame_Data folder.

Two. In that folder is ScreenSelector.bmp file. I don’t know how but it gets stretched to 512x128 (powers of two even if I have it unchecked).

Three. Simply open your file splashscreenbanner.png (even MS Paint will do as it doesn’t need transparency) and save it as ScreenSelector.bmp in NameOfYourGame_Data folder and replace file that is already there.

Four. Enjoy! :slight_smile: