Configurable joint as wheel on bike/car? Any advice appreciated


I’d like to use Configurable joints as wheel on a bike/car?
I have got the basic test rig working but the wheels are quite wobbly, an someone recommend which options I could use to stiffen the joint up, I have no idea how to do that, the configurable joint in unity seems very complex with lots of settings.
Lets say I only want to have the hinge freely rotate on y axis, what else should I set to not allow any wobble behaviour, but allow free rotation on y axis?

I read the docs but I still do not really understand what the parameters do… maybe it’s just me being thick…

Thanks for any help in advance.

I know this is years too late but I’m working on the same thing and can’t find much help out there. I don’t know much more than OP so I’m not sure how accurate my statements are but I’d like to contribute what I’ve learned anyway.

The mass of the two things you are connecting with the joint seems to effect the rigidity of the joint. The work around seems to be to make everything share a main rigid body through a parented object. In this video he makes a compound rigid body through a script he wrote and it’s where I got my info: Unity - Stabilising Fixed Joint Logic - Compound Rigidbodys - YouTube

Instead of creating a rigid body at runtime (since I don’t know how to do that) I just have an empty parent object with a rigid body that I anchor the children to. This seems to work for now, but I haven’t gotten exactly the behavior I’m looking for since my wheels don’t spin as freely as I would like so I’m not sure if it’s ok or not.

If there is anyone with more info on this subject I too would like to know more.