Configurable joint for truck wheels

I use a configurable joint to move the wheels only one axis (up and down). It works perfectly when on Unity 3.3 installed on windows, but when I turned the game on Mac with Unity 3.4 the car is just jumping. All is ok when the wheels are not moving, but I rotate the wheels to drive a car. In any configuration I can result only with situation when the joint is moving my wheel in Y and Z axis but the ZMotion is set to locked. Any idea what to do?

Ok, I’ve tested it on Unity 3.3 on Mac and it’s all ok, so this is caused by Unity 3.4. Maybe it will be fixed soon.

Its incompatibility issue and I think it can be resolved in higher editions of Unit platforms. You should upgrade the platform and inspect the truck wheels again whether they are rotating well or not. Had you tried Unit-5, its more efficient and comprises of advance options.