Configurable Joint in Script!

Hey guys.

How do I access a GameObject’s configurable Join?!
I looked around the forum for answers(couldn’t find anything that helps me) but I did notice that it’s different in script than any other joint.
that’s a piece of my code:

    var CJ : ConfigurableJoint;
    function Update()
         CJ.anchor=hit.point; //"hit.point" is a Vector3 type variable.

but it keeps showing me the following error:
The variable CJ of ‘Script’ has not been assigned.

Hi. here is solution in C#:
(inside your behaviour script)

        var CJ = this.gameObject.GetComponent(typeof(ConfigurableJoint)) as ConfigurableJoint;
        CJ.anchor = hit.point; //"hit.point" is a Vector3 type variable.

You are trying to get component ConfigurableJoint from ConfigurableJoint.
You need to get that component from your gameObject where configurableJoint is attached.