Configurable Joint keeps wobbling without a reason

I am trying to create a fully physical VR game, Boneworks style. I have a configurable joint connecting the chest and the hand where I set target position and rotation of it from script to the position of a physical controller. I also have a fixed joint connecting the sword to the hand. When I grab the sword, it starts to uncontrollably wobble around for no reason. This gif shows it. I am not moving my arm at all.178154-ezgif-2-4b70e8098b2e.gif

And here are all the settings on the configurable joint that connects the hand to the chest:

The arm also feels too “springy” is there a way to fix that? I still want to be able to feel the momentum and not be able to lift objects that are too heavy.

Two possible solutions:

  • Increase the physics simulation rate. For this configure a smaller value in Project Settings > Time > Fixed Timestep. Default value is 0.02, that is 50Hz. Try with 0.01 for 100Hz, or 0.005 for 200Hz.

  • Ensure the connected objects have similar mass. “Connected Mass Scale” is not really relevant, as it has the same exact effect as multiplying the mass in the rigidbody (i.e. the connected object actually weights more).

Hello emmanueldolderer

Did you have any luck fixing this issue, the same is happening with me and it’s very annoying