Configurable Joint stops in position

Hello, I have something like lever in my project. Object have rigidbody and configuarble joint with locked every motion and angular z,y motion. Only angular X motion is limited.

Is there way how to stop object in direct position? I mean for example object have 3 states (max,mid and min). Player can move object to this positions only in limit range, but when object reach some of this 3 postion, it will lock so there will not be possible for object to drop or move. And when object will be near one of this positions, it will lock to them.

I hope that my english and me can explain it clearly :smiley:

If i understand correctly, you could make it so when it reaches the position you add an angular limit, wait for like half a second, then remove the limit, then when it reaches the next one you do it again and so on, that way it stops in each position for a moment