Configurable joints rotating at a certain angle

So I have a config joint on a knee for my character it only rotates on it’s Y axis giving it that knee swing effect. I set it at 90 degrees and currently it bends forward and backwards past where your knee should bend. I want it to rotate from its starting position and then max out backwards at 90 degrees like a normal knee. Not rotate forward because if your knee rotates that direction you need a doctor. Any ideas? I can’t find tutorials or info on it.

If you just need hinge behavior it will simplify things to use a hinge joint instead. For a hinge joint check “use limits” and then set Min and Max angles. Bump it with a collider, in the editor, at runtime for a quick and easy test of your angles.

For a configurable joint this will be an angular limit on the relevant axis.

You want to use a limit that has a low and a high limit i.e. the orange arrow should point to the knee´s left or right. Look at the video “How to make a decent ragdoll” on this channel: 1

There I change the orange arrow direction for one of the elbows (start at 8 minutes if you are impatient).