ConfigurableJoint: Why high and low angular limit only avaialble on "X" axis, not Y or Z?

X axis movement gets "Low Angular X Limit" and "high angular X limit". Why no "low angular y limit" and "high angular y limit"?

If I don’t want a shoulder to be able to move backwards 90 degrees but still be able to cross the centerline, I have to make this into the X axis? And then all other axes will be forced to have symmetrical limits?


I have the exact same issue and question! I’ve been slamming my head against my keyboard trying to figure out why unity only made the X axis have a high and low Angular limit instead of having all three X,Y, and Z axes have it. It makes it incredibly hard and frustrating to define a rotation limit when you’re constantly having to rotate the axes to make the symmetrical limits on the Y and Z axes align to what you need.

Have you or anyone else found a solution to allowing all the axes to have both high and low angular limits?

I was trying to configure that. Let’s create a script that can track trans.rotate.y or trans.rotate.z. If rotate.y or z is less than the minimum value you want, it will perform an action to stop the configurable joint.